Security and continuity

Continuity management and disaster recovery must be planned carefully and reviewed regularly.  There is always a risk of issues getting out of control and incidents occurring that damage reputation, relationships and revenues.  Effective resilience relies directly on proper business continuity planning.

Risk management

Every organisation is vulnerable to an increasing variety of internal and external security threats. Cybercirme, fraud and corruption, supply chain disruption and regulatory controls all threaten stability and continuity.

Quality and compliance

The benefits of quality management include lower operating costs, less wastage, enhanced customer satisfaction and a positive reputation.  The ultimate result is a better return on investment.  Compliance with standards and regulations reduces financial risk and reputational damage.


Infinity Strategy® helps leaders to ensure a positive legacy beyond the conventional planning horizon. We work with you to improve sustainabillity for both private and public sector organisations.


Enterprise leaders around the World – business owners or CEOs of public companies and not-for-profit organisations – all face similar challenges and responsibilities. You are expected to provide strategic direction, inspire confidence and ensure the sustainability of the organisation.

Fernlea Business Support’s team offers a range of knowledge and experience combined with an ethical and objective approach to coaching and advice.  Our diagnostic risk assessment, iRMA, provides a risk profile of your organisation based on 20 separate areas of enterprise management.  We also advise on long-term sustainability using a concept created by us, called Infinity Strategy®

We provide consultancy and practical support at board level, with a focus on the following key aspects of management practice:

  • Corporate governance and strategic risk management
  • Regulatory compliance, health & safety and quality control
  • Business continuity, disaster recovery and security
  • Succession planning and exit strategy

Communication between boards of directors or trustees and senior management executives is not always effective. We can help to achieve congruence and co-operation by acting as honest broker, either as a consultancy or in a non-executive director’s role.

Please contact us in complete confidence to discuss how we can support your enterprise.


Supporting your Enterprise

We are a strategic consultancy for enterprise leaders, focused on achieving a secure future for your organisation.

Working together

We listen then ask questions, sometimes challenging.  We are on your side.  Not all consultants are the same!

Improving outcomes

Every enterprise has values and a purpose.  Outcomes rely on the quality of inputs and controls.

Securing your future

Managing risks improves security, safety and stability.  Anticipating threats protects resources and reputation.

Taking action

Act now if you want to leave a positive leadership legacy.  We can support your strategy.